Saturday, May 8, 2010

Which Way Are We Going?

A "study slump" is the only way to describe the current times in HK. Basically, the school gives us 3 weeks to "study" for our exams (which I have three...though some have 7), so naturally, we do everything expect study. We've spent the days throwing some frisbee (and getting kicked off every field we threw it on...3 total), I got to run again, and most importantly, spend some last days with those we've come to love here (including a trip to Macau and spending far too much money on dinner events XP)
Personally, I'll miss the locals here the most, no offense to the Americans I've met. It's just different knowing that they're in another continent (even though it's really the same for my California friends). But I'll miss the different backgrounds and the different upbringings that make my local friends so fun to be around. They really know what positivity and selflessness looks like, something I've been trying to learn.
But also, I'll miss the questions they ask about not only American culture and our traditions/upbringings, but about Christianity. I've rarely been in a position where I've been asked such honest questions. They aren't taught the fun, real, powerful, unbelievable (literally) stories of the Bible, yet they probe and wonder about such things (or the opposite spectrum, and hate it). But I recently had one of my better friends ask some genuine questions that I'll never forget. We basically stayed up to 2AM going over the basics/profound-ness of Christianity. Youth group definitely paid off in those 4 hours, thanks William Savell (wow, that's formal) but seriously, it was pretty fun to have answers to the questions she had (or some, she freakin rocked me with a few...) But I just wanted put up one of my favorite questions...

Do angels cook in heaven?

Answer: I really hope so, cuz I'm sure it'd be great! (kidding...but seriously).


Will Savell said...

If this was facebook I would click the thumbs up button. Looking forward to seeing you in August. Will

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