Saturday, May 22, 2010

On the Fly

Our hostel is in the mountains of a Vietnamese city called, Dalat. I'm sitting in basically a hall with a couple computers in it (getting charged by the hour) but it's worth catching you guys up on some of my life.
School finished on May 14th and a trio of friends, Vy/Becca/myself, left for Vietnam and Cambodia. Both of which are extremely hot. We've sweat through several sets of clothes, seen many temple ruins, eaten far too much food, and enjoyed every bit of it. Bus rides in Cambodia are not the greatest, yet smashing flies against the window and getting airborn (while sitting crosslegged) from the "paved" roads is quite enjoyable.
Language barriers are common nowadays and it's a fun part of life, and I would argue to say that it's less frustrating now (just because there really is NOTHING I can do about it!). Now in Vietnam it's cool to see the French impact (yes, bagettes and crepes are plentiful) and the architecture is quite impressive. We're in a place called Dalat and it's like perfect weather encompassed by mountains, waterfalls, and valleys with cliche names as in "The Valley of Love". Vy is a picture maniac, which is good for her cuz Becca and I are rockin' some Canon action to meet her "needs". We even dressed up as traditional queens and king (yes, it was pretty much the epitome of tourist). These are just some of the fun memories we've had in Vietnam, but we still have a week here so let the fun begin....again. =]
Love you guys. Be back in August. XP


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