Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's "Time"

If there ever was an epic fail of a blog, this is it, so please accept my humble apologies. I've only recently downloaded some software to bybass the Chinese-censoring-creeps out here. However, with only 2 weeks left on this crazy continent, I'll try to fill you in on the past summer events, process some ideas for melding back into American culture (yikes), and hopefully make you smile in the process. And of course, I'll try to put as much eye-candy as possibe on this so called blog.
So here's to entry one: It's time to come home! Seriously. I've enjoyed my 7 months here, but on July 30th, I'll gladly walk on that 15 hour flight home! The kid in the picture was on our Vietnamese tour (which was ballin') but the kid was definitely the definition of cute and was quite a poser for our cameras. He's got some great expressions that sum up my travels over here:

Absolutely bangin', crazy delicious, extremely fun, gorgeous, hot, incredibly janky, kickin' lil' munchies, nasty observations, pretty queezy restrooms, stupendous trips, unreal vacations, wicked xylophones, and yappy zoos.

Seriously 2010 has been filled with everything from beginning to end and all that good stuff in the middle. But if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put "u" and "i" together. So look out for some posting sprees here in the near future!


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