Friday, April 16, 2010

Long Startings

It's a universal attribute of all students to make decisions that cost the LEAST amount of money. It's also the reason why we left at midnight (right before Easter) and arrived around 2:30AM. After our hour bus ride into Kuala Lumpur (I sat between two huge German guys who were there to watch Formula-1, and I learned all about their love for German food, beef, and Thai women....Shady...), we again were too cheap to pay for a hostel so we ended up at a 24-7 eatery in the ghetto of KL. One thing I didn't expect in Malaysia were the massive amounts of Indians living there, which was fine by me, because that means legit Indian food (but Jason's stomach couldn't take our 4AM Indian meal....yikes).

Once the sun came up, we headed south to the more open KL, which was well worth it. KL had awesome architecure from bridges to palaces. The Prime Minister's crib looked like Prince Ali's Palace. And yes, it was Easter Sunday, and yes, we went to a Mosque (where we took an hour nap which was much needed). It was pretty humbling for both of us and just "dark" to see such "beauty" (this building was by far the coolest in KL...yes the twin towers were cool too) yet such disaster and despair. I can't believe the dedication and devotion of Islams, it blows my mind, I wish I could have just a sliver of that loyalty to the living God.

It was hot, we were tired, and we basically walked over the whole city with our packs on. Quite a long Easter Sunday. Indian food was the only thing we ate (Jason hated me...). We saw the sights and the people and we had enough after a day and a half (especially when we finally got to hostel that had plain box rooms painted "green-screen" green with no windows, it made us laugh). The combo of no sleep and going from HK to KL made us want to get out of the city life the next day, destination: Cameron Highlands.


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