Saturday, April 17, 2010


When we stumled across the Cameron Highlands on the internet the other month, we were attracted by two words: Strawberry Farms. Basically we were really stupid and decided to go here due to the plethora of "farm" (honey, tea, and yes, strawberry). Our bus arrived around 4 and we dropped our bags off at our hostel run by a guy who rolled up joints as he talked "day tours" to us. Hilarious.

We hustled to a nearby trail that was through a jungle (waterfall included). Little did we know that the trail would be a straight incline for about the next 3 hours! Not to mention it was getting dark so we slightly freaked out. Bought some handmade blackberry jam...yummm. However, Jason didn't like the Indian dinner (don't worry, I'm taking him out to good Indian food on Monday to reform his thinking and his stomach. He likes the stuff, his stomach just says "NO!" to it).

The next day we did a tour of a temple (just like every other one I've seen), a tea plantation, a insect farm, honey farm, and the primo strawberry farm. The most impressive thing we experienced was the tea plantation. The company is very old and called B.O.H. and they own an ungodly amount of land there which is covered in nothing but these aisles of tea! It's a black tea and our guide took some of it and crushed it and it smelled amazing. Apparently you can only use the new, young shoots of tea to make drinkable tea, which they harvest with these funky scissors. They cut the shoots and then they fling it over their head into their baskets (or about 60% falls into the basket, the other 40 just gets flung in the air, ha). They then took us to this factory where they actually make it the tea we drank was awesome, black and roasted. They had this really modern building that jutted out over the first, big picture above. All you could see everywhere were tea fields just covering every angle on the rolling hills, incredible.

Then the insect farm was cool, held some scorpions and saw some disgusting snakes and boss lizards. Honey farm was stupid and they had the most ridiculous bee characters ever. Then we came to the STRAWBERRY FARM!.....Utter fail. It was such a sad let down. We didn't even get to pick em ourselves! But the strawberry smoothie I got was legit. And then we went and got a strawberry waffle, strawberry tart, and strawberry popsicles, so it made up for the farms ><>
Basically the Cameron Highlands was just what we wanted/needde, a place with untouched nature and absolutely amazing weather. It was up in the mountains so it was continously breezy and sunny with the most amazing clouds in the sky at all times. Absolutely great. But, all good things must end, to make room for better and bigger things, such as the next country we visited ><>


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strawberries are simply the best. no comparison

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