Thursday, April 15, 2010

Halfway Checkpoint

April 15th, what a day. Woke up in Bangkok around 3AM and landed in Hong Kong around 10AM, which officially concluded our 11 day trek across southern Thailand. The trip was a completely unreal from the islands to the jungles to the food. Absolutely fantastic, a must see of Southeast Asia in my book. But since I'm not into epic long blog posts that could catch you up in 1 post, I'm gonna split it into bite size pieces, the first being...a teaser (only b/c I have more to say). This picture was on one of the developed islands in the South Andaman Sea, and I've never seen sun rises or sets that could compare to these. Absolutely gorgeous.

But April 15th is also another special day. It is the offical half way point of my Asian adventures in 2010. Officially, the longest I could stay is August 1st, which would be a whopping 7 months in total. Today marks the half way point: 3.5 months. Yes, I may return before the first of August, but there is no longer any room for halfway, it has passed. But with school wrapping up and trips/internships planned, it can only get better (espeically when you bring family over here for extended periods of time ><).

Malaysia and Thailand posts soon to come, as for now, I'm going to go scratch my peeling back. xP


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