Friday, April 2, 2010

Again and Again

In about 20 hours, Jason and I will be boarding a plane destined for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After that, it's basically all up in the air. The only set plan is to reach Bangkok by the 15th for our departure flight back to HK. But in between those two cities, it's all fair game.

Yes we have mapped out a route to follow, and yes, we have marked our "must do/see" destinations including strawberry farms in Malaysia, riding elephants in Thailand, and chillin' on paradise beaches in Thailand. Of course the "must taste" category includes: Indian and African food in KL, handpicked strawberries (including strawberry, honey crepes...yessss), Malaysian crab, green curry, Pat Thai, and the winner, Thai Tea (I'll let you know how it is Stephie). ><

Photo: While my family visited a couple weeks ago, we ran across this wedding shoot in the middle of HK island. We couldn't see if it was an actual photo shoot or just an advertisement, but who cares, she's got some ups.

Expect videos and ungodly amounts of photos in the next couple weeks, but do keep in mind, we'll be gone until April 15th (just enough time to encounter the Thai New Year!). Geoff, I can't wait to meet your paretals. I hope this finds you all well on this Good Friday. Peace and Love from HK.>


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