Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ann Monsor.

It's 10PM and all I can hear is the heavy rising and falling of my roomates chest, he's napping (expected time to wake up, midnight-ish). It's been a mellow, beautiful day and I think that I officially decided that I'll bomb my classes (bomb as in A's B's and C's.) I need to write a couple papers for film and Immunology but I figured I'll do my writing on here to catch you guys up a bit.

Come with me back to my birthday. As awesome as my friends back home were (and are), I can't take away from the things that happened here. On my B-day night, Jon and Jason decided to just treat me to dinner and when we arrived, there were about 10ish of my good HK friends waiting for us! It was a great surprise and dinner was fantastic. I usually don't make birthdays a big deal, but it was very encouraging to be recognized. Thanks to all my friends here!

As to why they were able to keep it a secret ><, my grandparents, parents, and brother had visited me the previous week, which was definitely one of my highlights since I've been here. To see my family in my "new home" and to "lead" (I tried...) them around was brilliant. We feasted on pretty safe yet adventurous foods and even got a taste of the Sichuan province. The whole caravan was into bargaining with local markets and purchasing much needed coffee from Starbucks or the HK competitor, Pacific Coast Coffee. The Grandparents basically beasted the city and put on more miles than they have in the past year combined (unless you're counting in a minivan. =D) I was proud of everyone for staying patient when our excursions stretched into the night. I love my family and as ironic as it sounds, I was far more homesick when they were here than when they weren't. They're very missed. [for photos on the Thiessen's mark in HK, visit: ]

Yesterday was fantastic. A group of 9 headed over to the largest neighboring island called Lantau and our destination: Mediterranean food. 4 of the locals (including my roomate) have never had a real experience with such food that included: hummus, tabouleh, kwafel (sp), lamb/chicken skewer, babaganoush (sp again.), olives (and actual feta cheese! AH!), and "My Father's Eggplant Recipe" (kinda had a tangy kick of horse raddish/pickle/I don't know what). It was hilarious to see their faces with various dishes and a relief to have amazing food. Headed back and finished the night off with grilled cheese and peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies, what a healthy dinner.

Now it's just planning planning planning. Malaysia and Thailand are up to bat, while the Philippines are on deck. I don't know who's in the "hole" yet, it may either be more China or Cambodia/Vietnam (and I could see MaryGrace over there which would be legit.) It's all in the air, but focusing on Easter is getting harder by the minute with so many distractions. Hong Kong.

This picture makes me think of the Ann Monsor (yes, the). I know she has mad-ping-pong skills and all, but I don't know why its her picture. It's just her. The end. Ann your awesome, I hope your T1i is treatin' you like froyo. ]


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