Friday, March 26, 2010

Gilled Cheese and Chili

So about a week ago, Vanessa had a brilliant idea of making grilled cheese. Little did I expect this grilled cheese event to turn into what it did; however, Friday. What a day.

3ish, maybe 4ish hours grocery shopping. Another 4ish hours cooking what we bought. But definitely worth it, we fed 17 people and exposed several locals to the glory of grilled cheese. Also, Blue Corn chips and our version of "White Chili" which looked (and tasted) more like Chicken Tortilla Soup was pretty legit. Then finally, our Chili recipe gone "improv" turned out better than I thought after replacing Red Cooking Wine with a bottle of pure grape juice (or basically sugar). Needless to say, it was pretty sweet chili except with a bite of spice from some chicken jalapeno sausages we found, pretty interesting.
Then Stephy (the girl who thinks the cheese looks like egg yolk....and basically the coolest girl ever), made her famous mango pudding for dessert which was great! (Mango jello with condensed milk in it and real mangos...very tasty =D)

Overall. Fed 17. Have leftovers for a few meals. Played telephone in different languages (utter fail). Used two kitchens. Cleaned two kitchens. Great night.

Vanessa was a beast and managed us amateur chefs (and was a boss cleaner). Katie rocked it for drying and encouraging the event. Peter and Aaron (or Erin...not sure which) pushed the limits and made a "sandwhich" that will take years off your life: a grilled cheese for the bottom layer, then a burger, then another grilled cheese on top. Gentlemen, well played.


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