Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retrospect Er

Highest, largest, and most legit are just a few adjectives to describe the Singapore Flyer. Apparently if you encapsulate your cubicles on a wheel, it is no longer called a ferris wheel, but a "flyer". Basically, it gives you the best view of Singapore Harbour. You can see the whole thing at your fingertips: straight ahead, the business buildings reaching the heavens, the casino underconstruction to your left, the dining river and floating soccer field to your right.

In about 10 years it's going be fantastic (especially at night) because they are building this sweet looking resort/casino/gaudy project (yea, that's not all tha interesting, but the the lights will look cool). It's a great attraction, takes 30 minutes to complete 1 cycle (which never stops moving, so when you (un)load, you have to "jump" on it). You share the capsule with others, but it's not overcrowded, and if you get a chance to go, bring a Singaporean, 20% off!
And randomly, here's the fish head curry from Little India (I'll put those pictures up soon, I have to get dinner and then class). It's spicy, yes, but too enjoyable to be bothered by the sweat dripping down your face. Eaten on a banana leaf with your bare hands, this was one of the best experiences I had. Even the eye wasn't bad! They would actually refill the bowl with curry soup, once it was all drunk/eaten, and when there's unlimited white rice, bring it :D


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