Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retrospect Yi

On the South Eastern edge of Singapore lies Singapore (City). They have a harbour which houses the main sites of Singapore and then stretches inside the city. This photo shows the famous strip of waterfront restaurants and bars which serve mouth watering Singaporean Crab (best food since I've been here), stingray, satay (with peanut sauce you can drink), and among many others, laksa (coconut milk soup with noodles and prawns).

This strip lies just below skyscrapers and the beauty of the city night, so be sure to stop by. Across from the river lies the Asian Civilizations Museum along with the famous "Merlion" (Singapore's mascot/icon) and Durian Mueseum (called Espanade). Definitely a place to visit, maybe even live, but AGAIN, get the crab (I'm kinda obsessed....Hong Kong better have it).


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