Tuesday, February 2, 2010


, originally uploaded by Craig Ryan Thiessen.

Photo: shot at the "Southern Most Point of Continental Asia" (not too climactic), which overlooks the sea sprinkled with bulky barge boats while Indonesian Islands can be seen in the background. The southern most point lies on an island off the Island of Singapore, it's called "Sentosa". Local say it stands for "Super Expensive...Nothing To See Anyway". Basically it's a tourist resort with amusement parks, beaches, eateries/drinkeries, and several other attractions. It's pretty noisy but definitely worth a look.

We took the tram back to one of the busiest malls there, VivoMall. Little did I expect to see the freshest (as in cool, legit, or "bad") food court. It was designed with a "bungalo"/"tropical hut" setting, so there were stalls with every type of food you could think of! From Korean to Vietnamese to Indonesian to Thai, they had it all (maybe not Chik-fil-A, but we're only counting real food xP). We ended up getting iced soy bean milk with satay (and peanut sauce) and "fresh fried bun" (a literal translation for a minced meat dumpling). Basically I've repeated the food options more than 3 times now, but I have to emphasize it. I could definitely revisit the SG sometime soon, but there are bigger better things awaiting, such as the trip we all leave for next Thursday ><


约翰 said...

sweet pic. And yes...MUCH bigger better things awaiting. China better have a big New Year celebration party for us while we are there!

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