Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lion's Peak

Saturday Morning:
5:00am: wake up and meet John Newman.
5:300am: finish walking to “Lion Peak Trail”
6:10am: get halted by monkeys in the dark. Scary.
6:30am: sun starts to come up.
7:15am: reach the peak after some “false peaks”
7:30am: bask in the glory of the sunrise, eat mangos, read the Word.
Basically love life.

I would have never of thought that Hong Kong would offer such a marvelous environment and such a wondrous mountain. It really was beautiful, I wish I could do it justice. It was a refreshing breathe of fresh air especially after being surrounded (and harassed) by city life. I could breathe, the world was open. Literally you could see 90% of Hong Kong just resting in the valley, crazy! The city is so dynamic considering its local markets, train systems, millions of people, and yet there was this escape. Amazing. I’ve been here ten days, dang, what else will we discover?


LMJ said...

Craig, so glad that you are loving life. Graham and I are enjoying the pictures and the videos--definitely impressed by what you can do with the flip. Want to set up a Skype date sometime?

Love ya,

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