Monday, January 18, 2010


After hiking and trekking around HK, I felt like I slept on marshmallows. Sunday morning, I attended a local church called Kowloon International Baptist Church (KIBC) for service, college ministry, and then a welcome lunch after it all. It’s very interesting to catch a glimpse into an international view of Christianity, which I think I’ll come to love. Even with the diversity, unity was very strong, especially within the college group, which I’ve been very attracted to. (It’s hard to give critiques when I know locals here read this blog but I’ll just be honest with it). For lunch we had the typical rice, noodles, tuna sandwiches, tons of fruit (good), kale, etc etc, nothing crazy. They started worship out with “Waves of Mercy” which I found ironic and funny (remind you of 5th graders, Taylor?)
After the lunch I went over to a far more contemporary church (much like Red-Stone, Maddie, except on a HK level). It took nearly an hour by MTR (transit) to get there, but it was great to see another aspect of Christianity in HK. Afterward, and I feel ashamed as I type this, some locals from KIBC invited us to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch. To justify this deep Western action, Ruby Tuesday’s offers a “Half Off” card, which if you buy for like $80.00 USD, then you get all your meals half off, no matter how many guests you have. Needless to say, I got a burger the size of my face, which was beyond delicious, but the mash potatoes were disappointed (my friend’s fries were not too bad though). And what better to finish off a Western meal with a cone from Haagen-Dazs? Cappuccino-Truffle was the flavor of the night. I slept very well.
I actually just got back from a Shanghainese lunch with the contact you Gillson’s gave me, Ada. It was beyond delicious (even though the locals said they didn’t think it was up to par). They use peanut for their sauces, which, if you know me, is definitely on my “things to eat” list. Their “funnel cake outside-bean paste and eggwhite inside” dessert was pretty nice too, especially when sprinkled with powdered sugar. Enjoy it.


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