Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I have just finished all my classes and now I'm sitting in our campus' coffee shop, I need to share. I have Chinese Art Studio on Tuesday mornings, which is on a separate, more historical campus (very cool). It has the typical art setting (don’t do anything and just do projects :D). Next is my Mandarin class which is actually twice a week, and an old Asian lady is our prof. She’s like a grandma and teaches us how to speak Puthuongua (except by imitating her, we all sound like old ladies!).
On Wednesday I have Asian Cinema, which I have hopeful wishes for. It’s in a dark theatre room with a screen and BOSE speakers at every corner. The teacher is a sparky middle aged woman and she reminds me of Mrs. Hynds (except Asian and in the theatre department) or a Tonks with a little Trelawney mixed in (except she talks with her hands like Snape). We’ll watch a movie per class starting with Japanese culture, then Chinese, then Korean. Following that is Tai Chi, which I’m stoked for. It’s legit. He’s going to teach in Cantonese and all 7 of us Americans are just going to imitate ><.
This morning (Thursday) I had Immunology which the prof is a very cheery Asian prof with an English lisp, but he wasn’t afraid to call me out, asking questions to just me and this other girl (there’s probably 30 kids in the class, 3 guys. Awesome.) That should actually be a hard class, the final exam is 80% of the grade. Most of the classes here just have a mid-term and a final which is a significant portion of the grade. Also the students are very formal. Very tight, high strung (I’m not sure), but maybe that’s just during class (it’s probably similar to kids in America). Other than that, this is probably my most boring entry, hope it gets better soon, it will when I buy my next plane ticket. :D


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