Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Hit Me.

I’ve been here a mere week and…I’m exhausted…and I’m not sure if it’s from the clash of cultures, the 3 hour classes (where we watched a dull black and white Japanese film), or running in the city (where I got lost, making it an even longer run). It’s like a spring that bubbles up this subtle overwhelming feeling. The lights, the signs, “buy this”, “buy that”, consume consume consume.

We went to a place called SoHo, which is decked out with exotic restaurants and we got some overpriced Mexican food (no free chips and salsa though…highly disappointing). And as we finished up and made our way to this overlook of Kowloon (north of the bay),then it hit me. I’m exhausted. Walking everywhere, change of diet, high energy all the time…It’s a major league game here and I’m still in AAA. We passed an “Ice Skream” shop and John asked us if we wanted some. I shot back “I don’t want to consume and buy anything else for like a week.” Hong Kong is consumer heaven, buy everything, get the latest model, business, money, buy, buy, buy.

I said to him that I would clash with the Hong Kong norm and I would not buy everything I see or smell. Not even 10 minutes later I had a cookie in my hand, smiling to myself how ironic life can be.


约翰 said...

so true man! Help me be more frugal like I once was haha

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