Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chinese Dessert

Hunter you’re gonna kill for this. 8 of us went out for local Thai food and holy crap it was incredible. We get to “Mini Bangkok Thai Food” and there are people just rockin out the place, all sitting at chinky tables lit by fluorescent lights, very local atmosphere. My roomate ordered for us: pineapple fried rice, classic spicy soup, a chargrilled fish with a million bones (very good), green curry (with real squid, tentacles included), some noodle dish (glass not pat thai), and a skewer with pork (bones included, chewable and crunchy). Then to top things off we all got Thai Tea and it is just as good here xD. We ate family style which was great and it was like $10.50 bucks (maybe the most expensive I’ve had yet). Then we went out for some classic HK dessert. Legit. Stopped in this little dessert shop and we got frozen ice cream, shaved into thin slices (looked like frozen churros), this traditional Chinese warm, sweet soup/oatmeal like almond dish (got 2 of em, it’s the classic), and then a mango dish (soup like again) with mango and these seed things, it was interesting and mah shi suh (delicious in Korean…I think). Shoot, I miss you guys. I have found some awesome friends here and I’m looking forward to the next few months.
Oh and Rei, my roommate here, got some of these chocolate creations from the shop. They're like a maltball surrounded by a gelly like (squishy) chocolate powder/texture. Mah shi suh!


Hunter Van Wagenen said...

Don't get fat!

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