Sunday, January 3, 2010


So I'm sitting at my gate in Incheon Korea, watching snow and ice fall off my plane that leaves for Hong Kong in 3 hours (weather: "heavy snow"). There's a Dunkin' Doughnuts and a sushi bar next to me, which I'll be visiting for breakfast (it's 6 in the moning here), but I realized that I didn't give any context to this situation. Some background or even a recent event prior to my departure. New Years Day was the start of many resolutions, adventures, promises, etc etc, but it was also the continuation of tradition. Shown in this picture are 4 Thiessens continuing the ceremonial “Christmas Tree Combustion”, which may also be referred to as “Pyro-fest.” This is the context in which I leave for Hong Kong. Flames reaching the roof may be dangerous, exciting, and stupid, but going to Asia for 6 months could arguably be the same (actually, that’s a bunch of lies, I just wanted to put this photo up). So with that said, Happy New Year!


Sue Rock said...

Happy New Year Craig!! Enjoy the adventures 2010 bring.

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