Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sushi For Breakfast

I've been in Incheon Korea for less than a couple hours and I'll leave in another, but I need to recap some things. First of all the plane ride over. 14 hours seems like a pain, but knowing that you'll spend a good chunk of time in another exciting culture makes the time go faster (so does UP and GI JOE :D). I sat next to a chatty Asian couple from Chicago, who had recently retired and are spending the next 5 months in the Philipines (not bad). We left Chicago at 1:00am on Sunday morning and arrived Monday at 5:30am, which means we spent one hour on the ground during Sunday, but more interesting was the fact that we didn't see a ray of sun the whole trip. We stayed in the earth's shadow for 14 hours straight (that def has thrown me off, menally and sleep wise).
But now I'm in the Incheon airport (spotless) and behind me are a Dunkin' Donuts, sushi bar, and a possy of elementary boys watching a show which ironically happens to be a Korean show of "Starcraft". It looks like they just comment on a game being played and make litte boys laugh. I laughed too, but at the fact that that is actually a show! I finished my clear soup, sushi, and kimchi for breakfast and I'm awaiting to get on the airplane in the picture, frozen solid. I don't know if we'll get delayed, it's been snowing since midnight. Let's just say I'm glad I'm going to a place with a low of 50 ><.


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