Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Basically, this was Bangkok for us. Our main priority was Songkran, then Thai New Year which we definitely rocked. After walking around in the burning heat for a day, we found a Flower Market St. with about 300 kids running around with water guns, buckets, and every other object that could hold water. We were soon soaked and then soaking others. Everything was game, from Westerners to locals, young and old, and even buses (if their windows were open). It was absolutely unreal and out of control. That was the highlight, hands down! And for your info, that white stuff that they put on their faces (and mine) is a mixture of just powder and water...really disgusting actually, dries like cement/icing mixed. We saw some Red Shirts, and drank more Thai Tea than we could handle. Bangkok is definitely a city you should visit if you get the chance, but watch out, it does have some sketchy activity around every other corner ;)


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