Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Basically, this picture defines what we did in Thailand, vegged. The South of Thailand gushes into the crystal, aqua Andaman Sea, which forms a handful of spotless, gorgeous islands. Our first was called Ko Lanta, where our 5 dollar bungalo was literally 15 yards from the ocean. The ways were small and yes there were a lot of tourists, but it was absolutely amazing to see the sun disappear into the ocean while we ate our dinner of green curry/pad thai/fruit smoothies in an open hut standing on the beach. I'll never forget that.

Then we got violated by our Thai Massage and I've never been in such "personal" positions, but it was enjoyable. >< (that's a joke, but seriously, watch out). We headed next to Ko Phi Phi, which is where the Jason got his picture taken above in the cove of Ko Phi Phi Ley (a small inhabitable island to the south, stunning water). Snorkelling was great, and I found Coral fish to be the most curious. They would swim out of their homes towards your mask, and then swim backwards back into it, quite funny fish. But the greatest part of our trip was with the family on the East side of the island.

Called Rantee Hut, we stayed with a local family that lives on the beach. I can't imagine what it would be like to live there...No worries, just make sure the boat works to take foreigners on tours and make food for them. They watch the sun go up every morning at around 5:45AM and start the day off right with rice/egg or maybe some Corn Flakes =) We really had a blast with them, playing soccer and dancing with them and just chillin'. It will bring me joy next semester when I am bogged down with class to know that this family is in Thailand livin' it up and just veggin on a beach. AH! We had Thai Tea daily, curries and pad thai all the time, and fruit smoothies every other meal. Thailand is so cheap and the quality of life is something else, just different but I really have a great respect for the way they can just enjoy a simple life on the beach.


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