Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Where to begin? This place has been called "China's trekking right of passage" to "heaven on earth" and I can now understand why both are appropriate. The whole thing is formed by two mountain ranges squished up against each other, so much so, that it feels as though the mountain is personal. You see its nakedness and, yes, it's beautiful (weird analogy but it's my blog ><).

The gorge part comes from the river that burns through the two moutains, but it's nothing compared to the Middle-Earth mountains bursting from the ground. Along the beaten, uphill path, there are a series of Guest Houses that act as food and shelter havens for weary travelers. Basically, when you're beat from a mountain path and have seen too much "mountain glory", nothing is better than a hot shower, a bed, and most importantly, food. Food of any kind, it doesn't matter what, just put it in your mouth. Good times, won't forget them anytime soon, especially with our 5000 photos.


ryann smith said...

craig ryan thiessen you have the COOLEST pictures ever! like they are freaking amazing! and it looks like you are having so much fun! (devin thinks they are awesome too!) keep up the good work! i mean for real you used to be awesome but now you are AWESOME

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