Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Years Eve

Ha, New Years Eve in China. Basically the government didn't want a fireworks show, so the people did it themselves, which was ridiculous! Hilariously out of control! No rules and when you have crazy locals mixed with crazy foreigners, it's a absolute chaotic mess (yet very fun :D) This video doesn't do any justice to how loud the night actually was, but it's all good. It literally felt like a war zone (because I've been in a war?) But seriously. My favorite part was seeing this white car with a dude hangin out with a 4 foot strip of firecrackers blowing up in their wake, hilarious. Or when we were throwing these grenade like tubes into the street (which was full of cars) and the firework vender approached us and advised us to stop with a very stern face. Literally in front of his face, the girl next to me lit one and threw it in the street! We were anxious to see what he would do, but when the "bomb" went off, he just laughed histarically and threw his hands up! Definitely will not forget this night.


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