Monday, March 22, 2010


Ummm yeeeah, the whole blogging thing. Basically this video is a month and a half late, because it wraps up our trip to the Mainland (trip number 1, but video for trip #2 is coming). If you can't notice my slightly negative attitude in this video, good, but for everybody who's not deaf, we (or I was) were pretty tried at the end of our trip and we stayed in this city called Kunming. Basically if you ever are in Kunming, leave. There's nothing to do there =)

And that meal of organs and body parts rocked my body for a week (mostly in the GI tract if you know what I'm saying). Bad idea, good experience. Peace.


ryann smith said...

LOVING the facial hair craig! looks like you are having an insanely awesome time! asia is sooooo different!! i do not know how you eat all of that food! gross! so glad you are having so much fun!

Messy Love Song said...

Thanks for sharing.
It looks like an awesome experience.
You are a much better person than I for eating all those... parts. haha.
But the dancing is priceless. Especially little man on the boat.
Keep logging man, you never wanna forget this stuff.

Sam said...

Chris can so relate to the Asian GI syndrome! When we went to China the kids were "superstars". Sam because they do not see many American kids, Zach because he was so tall and blond and Ryann because of those beautiful baby blues and curly hair. Looks like you are having a wonderful experience!

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