Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar (or year...or decade)

I've never been huge into birthdays, but I figured if you're only turning 20 once AND if that "turning" is in Hong Kong, then you should comment on it. So here's my entry.

I've heard it said that turning 20 can be liberating, marvelous, and all around better than the 19th year of life; however, I've met more who would say they would have more negative associations with turning 20. Such as, 20 is half way to 40 and we all know that 40 is like ancient (kidding, for all you in your upper years :D). But seriously, it's not such a "big deal" but it is an affair to leave your teenage years behind and venture into another decade; however, I think the previous decade was bruised (and probably scarred) by my early teen years. But I think that living in Hong Kong would be considered a fresh start to this new ear of life 8D

Bascially, everything I just posted is a bunch of formal mess, but I like it. In reality though, I'm not any different than I was yesterday, I'm still just an adolescent kid running around a big city, on a huge continent, among billions of other people. So, "another day, another dollar". I am looking forward to enjoying a year where I am classified not as a teen, yet still don't have the responsibility of an adult. It's a period of time still unclassified to even psychologists (for all of you in that class, get it). This paragraph is the ignorgant expectations I have about an age that I don't understand.

The following paragraph is why I'm actually writing here today (on my Birthday, HK time). I dressed for church this morning, descended down the daily elevator (18 floors), and happened to glance in my mailbox to see a rather sleek, dark envelope smooshed inside. Being forwarned by my roomate, I was soon in the posession of something I'll never forget.

I saw inside (just short of a couple dozen) letters and notes and funky cards with things glued, written, and drawn upon them. I could not have been more surprised or taken with emotion. (Rabbithole...follow me: my grandparents, parents, and my brother have visited me for a whole week, which has been one of the highlights of my experience here and as weird as it sounds, it made me more homesick. It made me dwell on friends back home, comfort foods, and life at Samford, including studying :D.....more about my family's trip next time though) So this package was beyond perfect timing, it was priceless.

Every note, every card, and every paper (including yours Lars, even with its simplicity of a real man) was a breath of encouragement and was uplifting. I have rarely been that comforted in such a potent form. God really settled me with that package and I can't thank you guys enough for it, you made my day on my birthday (that's gotta be worth something in the book of "made my days"). I can't wait to see all the authors once again and I can't wait to see all you who have share my burden by prayer (I say burden, but it's more of a fanny life is far too pleasant).

Anyhow, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! Mmm Goi! Xiexie. Gamsa Hamnida. Merci. Gracias. I mean, seriously, I could not have better friends back home. I miss you all very dearly and apparently there is a rumor that I'm not coming back. I'll confirm that I have all intentions on returning to finish my education at Samford.....but yet again, I still have 3 months here ><


Click this one to get a bigger image. Enjoy...I definitely did, thank you guys.


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you received the letters!
We so enjoyed writing them and we miss you!
Can't wait to see your face around Samford again.

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