Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Strapped and Loaded

In about 16 hours I’ll be boarding a plane to Kunming, China (departing out of Shenzhen). We’ve planned, packed, and prayed, but this trip will blow us away with the unexpected and the unforgettable. So what exactly are we doing? Honestly, we’re not too sure what we’re getting into; however, we have a tentative plan that is very likely to undergo drastic reconstruction.

Once we get into Kunming, we’ll take a sleeper bus (overnight) to Lijiang, one of the most traditional Chinese cities in the Eastern World. “Old Town” is composed of minority groups and very ancient architecture that have lasted even in the midst of China’s transformation. Plus, it’ll be the Chinese New Year (which is actually Valentines Day for you guys back in the States…So eat some chocolates and go on a date for me…or not) during our stay there (my camera is itching to fire). During our stay in Lijiang, we’ll take a trip to “Jade Dragon Snow Mountain” (perpetual snow near the summit) and “Tiger Leaping Gorge”, AKA “Heaven on Earth”. On the latter, we’ll do a 3 day backpacking excursion in the high trails of this valley. I’m not gonna lie, we’re pumped about eating Cliff Bars and sleeping in guesthouses run by local minority groups!

But needless to say, we’ll also be eating some of the most legit food China has to offer including roasted fishes, fresh goat cheese, and among many others, fresh hand pulled noodles.
After our stay in Lijiang, we’ll bus it back to Kunming and hit some of the sights there along with see Jon’s high school Mandarin teacher. We will also eat tons of great food (I’ve already researched it…very exciting). With that said, I’ll be gone for a total of 10 days, but I will return with ungodly amounts of photos and stories (I just got a 8GB memory card and another battery to last me….had to say no to the lens, oh well). Happy New Year! Or I guess Happy Valentines Day, don’t get too crazy over there xP


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