Monday, February 8, 2010


There are some things in life that are just simple. They may be small, plain, or merely just there. Many pass through life without recognizing them, while only a few notice their significance. Whether it’s just strolling to class or catching up with an old friend (or seeing a friend everyday), life is full of significant simple events, situations, and contexts and that’s what makes life so interesting (and possible). Don’t get me wrong, several (including myself on occasion) find these things in life to be bland, pale, and boring, which leads them (and again, me) to believe a more complex, intricate life would be “better”. Yes, basic things in life are normally repetitive, which gives them a monotonous characteristic (which can be extremely frustrating), but I’m slowly learning to appreciate their presence in life.

These small things make home home; they give comfort to life and make it livable. It’s what makes a familiar face significant amongst a crowd of strangers. Community forms from it, sweet and simple community. Family.
Well known scenery becomes meaningful, full of memories. Rest comes with simple things, they go hand in hand. I can close my eyes in peace. And therein lies a beauty of life. Simplicity is essential and beautiful, don’t try to “shake things up” (unless you’re buying a jug of orange juice). But seriously, no matter where you are…TN, AL, MN, Hong Kong, Central America, Europe…simplicity will be there in life, so embrace it and enjoy the small things that make life enjoyable and possible.

This picture helps me think of simplicity. It’s just four sets of windows and 3 colors, but I love it. And the fact that the colors remind me of TRON motorcycles (or “lightcycles” to be exact) helps too. Enjoy and good night. Eat some cereal for me, I miss it.


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