Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yury, a year above our class, was born in Moscow and lives in Germany. He’s a “happy go lucky” kinda guy with his head on straight paired with a no-worries-attitude, which is appropriate with his deep Russian/German accent. Him and I got to the student ambassadors in the airport at about the same time and hit it off simply because we’re both from the West. For all you Houston kids, he looks like a Tyler Wadlington, just with the most ridiculous/awesome accents you’ll ever hear. If you spend a few hours with him, you’ll notice his cheery personality, his affinity for "just one" beer, and his slight vulgar tongue; however, I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing with him as he throws out the “s” word every half hour (which sounds more like “sheet” when drowned in a German-Communist accent). Needless to say, Yury is legit, and I look forward to spending some time with him. If he reads this, well, we'll deal with that later. ><


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