Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Internet Is a Great Thing!

INTERNET! It's a long story as to why we (75% of the interntional kids) didn't have internet, but here it is! Skype me anytime! Also the previous entries are written in order.
I slept! Last night I missed the German group leaving because I fell asleep around 5PM and woke up at around 8PM. I weighed my options and decided to just sleep. We had spent the whole day at Mong Kok markets and walking several miles so I was glad to catch up on sleep. Slept a total of like 12 hours so I was stoked and I feel great today. We had orientation and it was just about what you would expect orientation to be....just throw in a Chinese tech guy who pronounced "print" like "peent" and put that on repeat.
There's 145 international students from 24 countries including Estonia and Australia so it's pretty cool. Majority is from America, but I'm going out with a guy from London and some others tonight.
Best part of the day: lunch. So we split into groups for orientation and had 4 leaders, all freshmen (or year 1 as they call it) girls. Ha! Names: Phoebe, Elbie, Abby, and Joanna (who changed hers to Joby just to fit in). I interrogated Abby and she was hilarious. About 5 foot flat and very very animated and "Asian small and cute and silly" (they need a word that sums those words together). She had broken English but taught me enough Cantonese to know that it will be very hard to learn. For lunch we had great food: a several round course of dim sum and noodles. They'd put it on a spinning center and we would spin it around until everyone was served. Then they're bring out another course and we would repeat. While this does create an awkard "who-takes-the-last-dumpling" moment, it is definitely a cool way to eat with a large group.
We're meeting new international kids every day so it's fun to get into the swing of things, but the amount of paperwork collecting on my desk is not exciting...


Abbie Tsui said...

Thanks for enduring my BROKEN english!
My spoken english is really broken>V<"
Hopes you have a wonderful and unforgettable experience in BU!


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