Monday, August 16, 2010

My "Dan Tat" Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Goal(s): Create, cook, and discover the perfect method to bake such goodness in a mini-metal pan. Dan-tat (egg tart) is the staple HK treat, hands down (Guy-dan-zai may be tied on some days...) However, this night had a one-tract mind for the simple egg tart.

My instructor and tutor: Youtube! Obviously I would not find another source quite like the old Cantonese grandma shouting out instructions to egg tart (in Cantonese) so I followed her immense tart-knowledge. Also, due to translation barriers, I also found a small tart-Asian girl teaching in quite the British accent. The tart-licious recipe and ingredients are simple: eggs, a stick of butter, flour, milk, and sugar (lots of it, too).

The tat (tah-t): I know it sounds awkward to say in English, but seriously it's worth talking like a 2 year old British baby. But why stop at just plain classic tarts? Why not fill one of those suckers up with, say, raspberry jam?! Well that's what the middle, and while I was looking for chocolate chips (which I didn't discover), I stumbled across some marshmallows. Throw 'em in! Tastes like a fluffed up tart, which was probably the best out of the "creative category" (it's showed to the right). The one on the left...we shouldn't talk about. It looks like either a Russian Palace, or a somewhat-naked volcano that literally tastes like warm vomit. Never try peaches inside the tartrium unless you know what you're doing.

But as for the method and the results, I'm pleased. I have a little piece of HK in my home (actually I have 6 or 7 pieces). However, there is always room for improvement. During our stay at HK we discovered that the best Dan-tat are magically created with a special ingredient called: vanilla. So that will definitely be added to the ingredient list. Also, Youtube failed me (I was shocked that there was something wrong on Youtube!....kidding). The temperature was too low for my HK sized tat holders. So next time, we're kickin' it up a notch! So in the end, tonight was quite a success and might have been a little tartantic for just one home, come eat all my leftovers!

But at least the Pineapple Buns turned out allright =]


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