Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"I Got Seoul"

As much as I would have liked to find a shirt with this post's title, I couldn't locate one in the country's capital. Seriously, I'm going to start a business that simply sells those shirts, cuz who wouldn't want one??? =]

Right now, I'm going to break the "chronological-trend" of this blog and skip to the homecoming trip, a trip that took a very intentional pit-stop in a little city called Seoul. It's among the top 3 most metropolis regions of the world and if you look behind Hanki (pronounces more "Han-gee), you'll see just a sliver of the city. Seriously it's huge, so be sure to spend more than just 2 days and 3 nights ><>

I met Hanki in Hong Kong and he's definitely one of the most positive people I met there (most Koreans have this awesome attitude in life and it makes me want to be happy). Korea definitely is a friendly country, and luckily for us Americans, they know quite a bit of English, at least compared to other parts of Asia. Korea is definitely one of the most American-like countries in all of Asia. It's politics and economics have definitely shaped and formed Korea to be this heavily Western influenced place, yet it's still super Korean. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but Korea has one of the strongest national prides I've ever seen. They love Korean stuff, from cars to celebrities to phones to people to anything. If your Korean, you've got friends....they're just going to be Korean too. Ha, that's a little hyperbole but some of it's true ><>

Finally it was back to the airport for a 11-hour flight back to Chicago, not terrible. Korea's Incheon airport is boss. It's easy, simple, and there's information kiosks that have "cookie-cut" Korean women who can speak better English than I can. =]


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