Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ok, I promise this isn't turning into a "cooking blog" but I've had some time to create (literally) some pieces from a couple cookbooks from the far east. I started out with the Chiu Chow dumplings; however, that failed within 5 minutes of mixing the dough (it was a sticky mess), so I turned to the more tame-able baozi. Having never made them before, I was excited to stuff them with whatever I wanted (in this case, Chinese leftovers, eggplant. Also a tomato-based leftover that looked tasty at the time). Stuck em in the steamer and bam! They were awesome! I'm stoked to put some cheese inside one, or even some peanut butter and chocolate. We'll see, if you want to test one, just let me know, we can try it :)

I'll be sure to make some BBQ pork in the near future here, definitely.


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