Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is a typical stream running through the Old Town of Lijiang. There's several running round the town which give it a great feel, crossing bridges and remembering that life revolves around water. People would brush their teeth in this stream (just spit it out) and just live. Definitely one of the things I'll miss from this traditional town.

We call this girl the "Burrito Girl" because, believe it or not, sold us a local street burrito. She was grilling around 10 on this total janky pit thing, and she was too cute to deny so we got one. It was Sichuan flavored (spicy and tangy/vinegary....not my preference) but we smiled and she waved the peace sign. The boy below is my hero, he's rockin those noodles xP

At the top of Old Town is a park that has admission but is well worth the aerial view of the town. You can see every little house with its original architecture primarily the Chinese style roofs. Also you can enjoy a pot of tea from a local family at the peak of this park, I recommend "snow tea", just bring some extra money :D

The woman on the left is in traditional minority clothing, while the right is cleaning her house/shop. It's custom to clean your house during the new year to rid the house of the old and welcome the new. It was humorous seeing every shop sweeping during New Years Eve, and I mean spotless. However, I'm not sure why she's mopping her door, but I'm sure she knows whats up.


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