Sunday, January 10, 2010


Upon arriving to a local international church, I stumbled across the University students who had just attended the early service and were trekking to their small study. I tagged along and found many like minded, similar aged students on the end of the rabbit hole. It will be a cool community to get to know and learn from and they were very accepting (most of them are Asian), but this guy, John, came from Kentucky and studies “Asian Culture” and is learning (like legit-ly) Mandarin and he’s been here since last semester. We’re getting dinner and a movie (Sherlock Holmes) with my roommate later after John’s date with a mainland Chinese girl, get it. I’ll give you a roommate description later.
Tomorrow classes begin. I talked to another exchange student and he said he’s, “slightly nervous”, I’m pretty anxious myself. Looking at the schedule, it looks like I’ll have to switch my “American Pop-Fiction” class for Immunology (300 level) because Mircro isn’t available. Other than that, game on. I have soccer tomorrow, man, life is tough ><

Photo: Hong Kong is full of some of the largest buildings I’ve ever seen, but how do they build them? Besides using raw brain power, they do have some traditional methods including the slightly excessive use of Bamboo. Their scaffolding has no metal. Instead, they use, literally, thousands of thick stalks of bamboo. They fasten them together with a certain string and BAM! They build a scaffolding structure that surrounds the whole construction site. (Sometimes they surround it by a green fabric used to catch falling victims.) Then, I guess they just climb around like monkeys and finish the job. Seems pretty crazy and looks even more ridiculous, but hey, why not??


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