Friday, January 8, 2010

JUMBO the Dragon

Our international class jumped on a bus at 9:15 this morning and headed off for a tour of Hong Kong. We saw the highs and lows of the city including the “Peak” (overlooks HK) and harbors and beaches. I spent most of the time just shooting and chatting with the Koreans and some Americans watching the sites as they passed by. BUT for lunch we went to the famous “JUMBO Restaurant”. It’s this floating monstrosity of a Chinese-traditional restaurant with bright colors on every exposed area including the boat that ferries you to the floating building. Inside were even more decorations of ancient Chinese traditions including food. We had another dim sum lunch. Dumplings, spring rolls, dumplings, spring rolls, dumplings, noodles, rice, noodle, then cookies. Ha, I loved it all, but I may need a burger here in a month’s time. Anyway JUMBO the Dragon with shot at the restaurant at the palace-throne-replication next to the table we ate. Friday night is still to come, what it holds, no one knows…Probably rice and noodles (maybe sushi) and sleep.


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